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Louisiana College "Distinguished Alumni"

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Dec 9 09 4:07 PM

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I was taking a look at LC's distinguished alumni, and after noticing Dean Thames' name on the list, it got me thinking how many on the list have been excommunicated from LC or have removed themselves.  I also noticed Dr. Howell, but I don't know the circumstances surrounding his move to Jewell College.  Here's the link.  Anyone care to shed light on any of these "distinguished" alums' current stance on the state of affairs at LC (at least those still breathing).

Or for those too lazy...

Ava Nell McWhorter
Curt Iles
Dr. William Walters Enete, Sr.,
Larry Jeane
John David Murphy
Donna Burnley Cavanaugh
Paul Brewer
Tommy Davis
Sammy Tippit
Dr. Rick Byargeon
Byron McGee
Dr. Carolyn Spears
Tommy Smith
Dr. Paul Lionel Crowell
Joe Aguillard
Judy Aguillard
Johney L. Jeans
Sheila Thompson Johnson
Dr. Dewey and Bobbie Dunn
Dr. Ricky Jones
Della Guillory Pigott
Mary Ann Shallberg
Lori Thames
Dr. Tom Greer, Sr.
Earl Miller
Dr. Randall Sledge
Susan Tudor
Dr. Thomas Howell
Dr. Ken Johnson
Dr. Joseph Earlene Strother
Dr. Larry Fields
J.T. Rougeou
Julia McClendon Law
Lucille Davis Walker
Dr. Thomas Arnold
Kenneth Lesley
Edward "Butch" Morrison
Betty Carter Stokeld

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Dec 9 09 8:50 PM

Kermit sums up the matter well. Although my memory is a bit fuzzy, I would add this: When I was at LC in the late 1990s, Howell was a bit anxious about fundamentalist influences on the college. In fact, I seem to remember a number of written statements about "academic freedom" by faculty members on LC's website. Howell authored one of them. I think the intention of the statements was to inform various constituencies about the mission of LC as a liberal-arts school.

Alas, such efforts failed. When Howell left, I recall reading an interview with him, probably in the Town Talk. This line still stands out to me: Howell said, at LC, "education has become indoctrination."

With that in mind, I can only imagine how Howell feels about being a "distinguished" alum.  

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Dec 9 09 9:24 PM

"education has become indoctrination."


This quote stuck out to me as well from the link provided by kermit.

"With that in mind, I can only imagine how Howell feels about being a 'distinguished' alum."


This is precisely my motivation for starting this thread.  I wonder how some of the others on the list feel about being so permanently tied to the school in its current iteration.

I should note that Dr. Howell was one of my favorite non-Science professors at LC.  There are many classes on my transcript that I genuinely don't remember taking... Howell's Civilization courses are definitely not in that category.

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